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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

TAP Strike

The TAP Strike planed for the 27-30th December, seems to still be going ahead,  with no sign of it being called off.

At least 12,000 passengers have canceled or chosen other dates to fly. Secretary of tourism Conceição Estudante has said thus latest strike is going to cause huge damage to the end of year fireworks display in Madeira with an estimated 6,000 tourists either canceling their trip or choosing other dates.
C.E should look at it on a brighter note, it will be 6000 less complaints about the Christmas  lights this year.....

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

We will have more lights.

Architect Paulo David has been out buying more lights from the Chinese shop, so all looks promising for this Friday.....

Monday, December 15, 2014

Lido Funchal.

Just had some photos sent to me of the work being carried out on the Lido in Funchal. A builder friend of mine working on the site sent me the photos of the continuing works. 
The new finished Lido is expected to be ready by August 2015.

Rotunda de Cruz de Vermelho

If you have Facebook then you might have seen his that has been put on the Roundabout at Largo Severiano Ferraz.

No idea what it is, or if it is meant to be part of the Christmas decorations, but someone has maybe had a better idea....


Hi all, 

just to let you know I am now adding some recipes on the Recipe page on the menu bar.
I have just added a great traditional Licor for Christmas Tim Tam Tum. Give it a try its so easy to make and tastes delicious.

Congratulations Diogo Garcia

Congratulations to Diogo Garcia from Funchal, who has just won The Voice Kids Portugal

The singer aged 14 saw this as one last opportunity to participate in a live broadcast of this age group and have the opportunity to record an album.


Sunday, December 14, 2014

Lights protest.

So last nights Christmas lights protest was a big let down,  with hardly anyone turning up. I just hope that all the people that didn't turn up don't complain about the lights anymore especially if they think it will affect their business.  We had a a walk along Avenida Arriaga which us all christmassy now with the presepio and wooden huts in place,  plenty of homemade licors well worth a try. The UFO lights on Praço do Carmo look ok,  but I dont understand why they are here when no one goes to this area at night

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Windy day.

Its a lovely bright sunny day,  but the strong winds are causing problems at the airport with flights being diverted or canceled.  Madeira is in yellow alert for strong winds today.  Also a orange alert is in place for high waves. The north coast can expect waves of 5-7 meters. The Porto Santo ferry canceled its trip today because of the bad seas.

Update 6pm.

12 flights were canceled today in and out of Madeira, and another 3 diverted to Porto Santo. The yellow weather warning for the winds finishes at 7pm, in 1 hours time . The north coast and Porto Santo will remain on Orange warning for strong seas and waves 5-6 meters, with some possible of 10-11 meters, this warning is in place till 7am tomorrow.

Another new deadline for Christmas lights.....

The Christmas light fiasco rolls on as now the secretary of Tourism has given the company another week.....

Not being funny but I personally think everything for Christmas should be in place for the first week of December.

This is just a straight copy from the Diario of what C.E has to say.....

The Regional Secretary for Culture, Tourism and Transport, Conceição student, revealed today that it has "a new term" the Luzoesfera company to meet the burden of Christmas lights notebook and Year End Madeira.
Illuminations this year caused some discontent in the population and criticism on social networks, mainly due to shortage of colors, as in bright ornaments predominates white. 
In a visit made to the Christmas animation area in the center of Funchal, Conception student told reporters that "the parties" were gathered today at the Registry of Tourism, it was decided "to the deadline of Friday [19 December] "to the company to run project designed by architect Paulo David. 
"Today there was a meeting at the Regional Secretariat with all parties involved in the process and, given the public interest in finding some more project plots which are not completed, was given another deadline to next Friday," he said. 
The Regional Secretary considered that this period is the maximum acceptable limit for intervention and to give the possibility to the company that is developing the facility to enter the corrections in the project and complete it according to the specifications, so that the desired effect is achieved from the 19th of December.
Conception student indicated that between the corrections to the company's enforceable, is enhanced light intensity at Funchal quay, placement of trees in the Town Hall Square, compliance with the colors that were defined, some changes in Avenue Infante and "other streets of Funchal, particularly in terms of balconies and eaves." 
"There is still much work that can and should be done and we understand that this was to grant more time to the company given the public interest in the case has," he added. 
Conception student said that "failure is the company [Luzoesfera belonging to SIRAM Group], because the contract is very clear" since "who runs the project is the contractor, who responded to an open procedure and therefore has the obligation to comply, in full, the specifics were given, in particular in terms of color, and there are areas where it is not applied the color that was requested and all that it is our responsibility. "
"The responsibility of the regional office is at the end of the installation, assess what has been done and what was not done and act accordingly," he said. The Madeira Regional Government invests this year more than 2.5 million euros in the Christmas and New Year, with 1,119,400 euros for lighting and 1.046 million for the spectacle of fireworks. 
The lighting project designed by architect Paulo David, who, according to himself, "aims to highlight the historical and cultural values ​​of Funchal city," cost 98,000 euros, "far from the 300,000 euros in previous years" required by Luzoesfera.

Friday, December 12, 2014

See the Christmas Lights that are causing so much controversy.

A video of a drive through Funchal to highlight the controversial Christmas lights was uploaded to YouTube yesterday.

Remember there is a protest tomorrow night for the poor lights in Funchal. Municipal Square at 7pm, wear reflective jackets and bring torches.

This evening at 6pm the secretary or Tourism C.E will open the festive display on  Avenida Arriaga this include the little huts selling Christmas treats and the traditional Presepio.