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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Boutique Cafe

Cafe Teatro open another space tomorrow morning.

Tomorrow (Wednesday 4 May) LA Boutique Du Café opens its doors on the street Fernão de Ornelas, 16 in Funchal.
For us it's a huge pride this new project of the group Cafe Teatro. We want to thank everyone who made this dream a reality, since the architects to the masters and all the companies involved. Our great thank you heart emoticon
Tomorrow from 08.30am we open doors!

Levada Walking - BE CAREFUL

I have said this on the blog before and will repeat this again, that Levada walking needs concentration and care. 

The British Government have released today caution for British tourists traveling to Portugal.
It is one of the most popular tourist destinations and has advised tourists visiting Madeira to take caution when walking Levada's on the island and some should only be attempted if your used to hiking.
Also in Portugal to take care not to have money and passports on show as there is an increase in robberies in certain areas, and to also look for anything or anyone suspicious that could lead to terrorist activity, as its a destination they believe could be targeted.

Coming back to the LEVADA walking, Saturday 30th April a French male 85 years old dies after falling 100m from the levada at Garachico,  Estrieto de Camara de Lobos.

Today both French again, a woman of 59 years fell and broke her foot on the Levada 25 Fonts Rabaçal, and a young woman of 27 years fell from Caldeirão do Inferno Santana with suspected broken leg.

Levada's are beautiful and the only way you will see the real Madeira, I do many and enjoy them very much,
You need to be very careful though, if your looking at the scenery and taking photos for god sake stop and do this, I see so many tourists walking along with their eyes everywhere apart from the path in front of them, a small slip or trip can result in death in an instant. 
I am not trying to put people off but just have common sense, wear good walking shoes or boots, make sure you have a touch, a light waterproof, a mobile phone that is charged something to eat if your on a long walk and water to drink. 
MOST IMPORTANTLY tell someone where you are going, especially tourists staying in hotels, and hotel staff will notice your missing if your bed has not been slept in over night. and if they know where you planned to go, it could SAVE YOUR LIFE.

Enjoy Madeira, Enjoy the Levadas and stay safe, they are beautiful, and so much to see and enjoy. 

Monday, May 2, 2016

Congratulations Micaela

Micaela Abreu 15 years old from Madeira last night won Portugal's Got Talent. 

Problems at Airport

Such a beautiful calm sunny day with a max temperature of 23 degrees, but its a different story at the airport, with cross-winds causing flights to divert to Porto Santo.  At least 5 flights are in Porto Santo waiting for the winds to drop and returning to Madeira.

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Lack of information

It can be very frustrating at times trying to find information as to what is happening on our Island. 
Next month is the Onion Festival (Festa de Cebola) in Caniço, So I thought I would look for some information and Poster. A look at Canico's main website shows absolutely nothing, it still thinks we are in 2015, as you can see below.

One place I always have a look for information is the Face Book Page Acontece Madeira. 
Always up to date, with lots of information as to what is happening on the island, so if you plan to visit the island this year or in the near future, be sure to sign up to my blog by Email or Google account on the right hand column, and also give Acontece Madeira a like on Facebook, so you don't miss out on whats happening.

Friday, April 22, 2016

Bad Weather Madeira

The rain certainly came down and never stopped. It has rain all day, and pretty heavy at times, low cloud also in some parts causing visibility problems.
The alert for the south of the Island was raised to orange from 5pm-9pm, and as i write this at 01.15 the rain is still falling.
Rivers are pretty full, lots of flooding and landslides have already started cause some roads to be blocked or closed. Lots of the usual problems at the airport also with flights being diverted to Porto Santo, and water falling in the main Airport Building...

26 flights have been affected with 16 being cancelled, the other 10  flights 5 were diverted to other airports, including the last flight from Lisbon, which tried to land 3 times before giving up and returning to Lisbon.

A wall collapsed at Quinta Magnolia.

Margarida Rodrigues
These photos are from the Tunnel da Camacha

                                                                                     Claudio Fernandes

Also many drain covers lifted with the sheer volume of water, and the roads are in a bit of a mess all over with more pot holes than you can imagine to try and avoid.... Power cuts this evening in Caniço de Baixo, the power has been off and on a few times, but seems to be stable now. 

The good news is that from today (Friday), the weather looks like it will settle down for a while with some good dry weather.