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Saturday, August 23, 2014

São Vicente

One of the biggest parties of the summer is next weekend at São Vicente. The whole island seems to be talking about it and thousands will be going.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Sea front works in Funchal.

My friend Sue sent me a few photos of the works in Funchal. As you can see they have started planting trees so the next couple of months I would think it will start coming together quickly. Its been a long 2 years with the front of Funchal looking terrible for the tourists and us locals.
I personally don't like going into Funchal,  but will be very happy to see all this finished.
Thanks again for the photos Sue Marloye-James.

Caniço Gastronomic Festival .

The Caniço gastronomic festival will be in the center of Caniço this year and not along the promenade in Caniço de Baixo. The festival will only run for 5 nights instead of the usual 10, which is a bit crap.
I guess 5 nights of drinking and eating will be better for me than 10 though.

The programme of events are below,  and our friend Liza Veiga will be singing Saturday night.

Hope to see you there.....

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

New Port in Funchal takes shape.

The new Port in Funchal has started to take shape. 11 of the 16 concrete blocks are already in Funchal, which have been towed one at a time from Caniçal.

The plan that everything should be complete before the end of year and the new promenade and beaches will be open to the public. The Port will not be ready to receive cruise ships until March next year.

I hope you can see the link as it is taken from RTP Madeira Facebook Page.

Marchioness Disaster 25 years.....

20 August 1989 the pleasure boat Marchioness was hit by the dredger Bowbelle. Tomorrow will be the 25th anniversary of this tragic accident where 51 people lost their lives in the disaster on the River Thames near Cannon Street railway bridge.

The Bowbelle eventually ended up on the bottom of the ocean in 1996 after sand dredging of the coast of Madeira. 25th March 1996 the Bowbelle split in two and now lies of the coast at Ponta do Sol in Madeira.

Below are a few links to some photos of the wreck, and a great video of diving in Madeira.

 Bowbelle on the Thames
Click the above photo for more diving pictures in the bowbelle

Best Island in Europe.... Yes we are....

Click for full article and some stunning photos.
Its tough living in Paradise.....

Sunday, August 17, 2014

24 hours in Madeira.

The Travel Magazine have made an article on 24 hours in Madeira. 
Click the photo below to read the full story.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Fire in the Hills......

A large fire tarted at around 3pm this afternoon between Areeiro and the hills above Santo Antonio.
The fire started at Poço da Neve (Ice House) and spread southwards.
Firefighters have control of the fire now and the situation is being monitored.
The fire did not consume forest, just mainly bush areas.

Thanks to Peter Askew for the Photos.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Sharks on the coastline.

At least 2 hammerhead sharks were spotted today on the south coast of Madeira along by Docas do Cavacas and Complexo Balnear do Poças do Gomes.
The sharks were seen swimming close to the coast for almost an hour. 
Its not unusual to have hammerhead sharks in the region,. The large amount of jellyfish that have been plaguing our beaches on and off since June has brought the sharks closer to shore as they feed on them.
The sharks were about a meter and half long, and don't cause a threat to bathers.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Monte Festival

Festa da Senhora do Monte is one of the biggest religious festivals on the Island. !4-15 August all night long people celebrate with music food and drink.
The 15th which is a bank holiday in Madeira sees the Monte church packed with hundreds of people for the mass and then the procession after.