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Saturday, February 6, 2016

2 Great Video's

These 2 video's just uploaded this week, Do you know all the places they show???

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Book your flights for this Christmas

Anyone wanting to book for Christmas New Year, and can travel from Gatwick, do so now... Norwegian Air have flights out and its really cheap. I have just done done a test for a price for 2 weeks, this is luggage and reserved seats included.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

The Ferry Was and Still is Viable

Translated and copied from the Diario webisite
The promise to restore the maritime link for passengers between Madeira and the mainland was false. And the query to seven owners to gauge their interest in line was merely a sham, make-believe to entertain the people. Albuquerque pretended he sought to solve the problem, but the intention was never this has always leave everything in it, do not disturb vested interests.
Now it says that the line is not profitable and so there is no interest of the shipowner is the desired and appropriate conclusion.
But in the past there has been interest: Naviera Armas began in 2008 Canary link - Madeira - Algarve; in 2009 he asked for a second weekly flight;In 2011, he presented a new boat - Volcán de Tinamar - for this line, which was to sponsor the wife of the then President of the Government, Jardim Angela.
There was continued interest and strengthened over the years, as evidenced by these facts. Is considered not viable, the Spanish owner would not bet much on the line. But in early 2012 the operation was stopped.
obstacles were created: The shipping charge was round conditioning - each trailer had to be accompanied by the truck after injunction filed by Sousa group. The load is crucial to the viability of the route, to offset the seasonality of passenger transport.
Several incidents were created by APRAM, the most important was not allowed to dock in the morning of December 31, 2011, the ferry carried 300 of the Canary passengers for end-of-year in Madeira. Passengers returning to the origin and the owner had to compensate them. And were available at the port of disembarkation be conducted between 8:30 and 11 am.
In 2011 the line has loss of six million, so it is not profitable, argues themselves. False argument, because in 2011 the price of crude oil hit record high and were in full the restrictions imposed artificially to cargo transport and Weapons operations in the port of Funchal. The weapon was chased, tired of carrying blow, it was gone.
And now ask the government: There are no other interested? To "take a beating" because no cold water scalded cat is afraid. Interested parties were to find out about what happened in the past. The lack of good faith of the government in this process is evident in the fact that put in the work group's president APRAM, who was the one who did everything to run to the arms of Madeira. 
But how much dent made ​​the operation of weapons, to deserve such sabotage? Retired business to Sousa group, but only 10% of the load. More important was the fact that lay bare the exorbitant prices in the Lobo Marinho and car transport to and from the continent.

Lower Ferry Prices

Lobo Marinho Ferry will be back in business on Friday after its annual maintenance.

Residents can now take advantage of lower prices. 

Note these prices are for Feb till end 31st March , and 1st October - 31st December

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Madeira Map for Children

Sofia Vasconcelos, who has the popular blog From Madeira to Mars has designed a map especially for kids.
The map of Madeira has lots of info about places in Madeira that Sofia loves to spend with her kids.
The Map is available in English at the moment and priced at €1.99 plus postage.

Check it out below by clicking the image.

Monday, February 1, 2016

Atlantic Calling.....

A blog based from Camara de Lobos.

Echo Man

After appearing on UK television on Britain's got Talent, Afonso Rodrigues impressed the judges on Portugal's Got Talent with his Echo voice yesterday.
Afonso is a familiar face in the Old Town of Funchal, where he works in a restaurant.

Sunday, January 31, 2016

IPC Swimming FREE Tickets

Thanks to Emily for pointing this out to me.

Open European Championships start in 3 months.
Emanuel Gonçalves invites you to come to ‪#‎Funchal2016‬ to watch him LIVE! 

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Carnival Program

Below is the Full Program for Carnival.

If your out in the clubs and bars then remember Friday night is Transvestite Night, Sunday Is normally Pajama Night, and Monday Hippy Night.