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Monday, January 28, 2013


Its almost Carnival time in Madeira, 
The main dates for Carnival are the 6th - 13th February.
The Children's Carnival is on the Friday 8th February between 10.30am - 12pm, also on this same day is the senior solidarity Carnival, where 300 seniors will take to the streets between 15.30-17.30.
Friday night brings the popular transvestite night, Then Saturday we have the Main Parade at 21.00.

The Main Parade On the 9th February at 21.00, and the slap-stick Parade on Tuesday 12th February at 16.00 will run in the opposite direction, so will start at the roundabout where you would drive down to the port, and go straight along the front and finish just before the cable car station.

Photo by
 Don Amaro

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