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Accident in Campanario

3 people were injured in an accident on the Rapida yesterday morning at the Campanario junction.
I was actually at the viewpoint at Campanario, and saw and heard the crash. A van carrying ice cream smashed straight into the back of the truck carrying churns of fresh milk, the bang was pretty terrifying and shock us all up seeing it.
We later enjoyed a great day walking down to Calhau da Lapa, beautiful beach with about 30 little grotto’s which people local people own. It must be very nice in the summer. It is only accessible by foot or by boat, any easy walk down around 25 minutes and about 45 minutes coming back up, but I don’t fancy doing it in the summer.
A local fisherman was down there and showed us his little bar which he opens in the summer, and inside one of the family’s grotto’s .
Click the photo below to see all my photos from the day.