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Cold and Dry in February

Meteorologists say February was cold but very dry.
Last month saw average air temperatures at 8.73 degrees, this is 1.35 degrees below the normal for this time of year. The temperatures have been the 3rd lowest since 2000 and the 10 lowest in the last 85 years.
February has also been very dry along with January that only recorded 37.2mm of rain instead of the average of 100.1mm.  The monthly rainfall has only been seen in 25% of the years since records began.
Looking back on last year February was the wettest we had had for 35 years, with 210mm of rainfall twice the average amount.
it certainly has been very dry since October, and we really need rain or there could well be a big problem with fires this year, which we didn’t see last year.
I have friends in New Zealand and they have had no rain for a year now. It is scary how the climate seem to be changing, but I just think is cycles and this happens all the time.