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Just a straight google translation from the Diario.

About 256,000 voters registered in Madeira can vote in early regional elections to choose the 47 members that make up the Legislative Assembly of Madeira (ALM) between the 11 political forces who undergo suffrage.

Between 08:00 and 19:00, the Madeiran electorate has to choose their representatives in parliament island between 11 competitors, eight parties (PSD, CDS, PND, PCTP / MRPP, BE, JPP, PNR and MAS) and three coalitions: Change (PS / MPT / PTP / PAN), Citizens Platform (PPM / PDA) and CDU (PCP / PEV).

One of the striking aspects of the electoral act is that the PSD / Madeira, the majority party in the region since the emergence of democratic rule, not present your head list ever, Alberto João Jardim, who was the leader for four decades and won all the laws that took place in this territory after April 25.