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Levada Walks

The one thing you must do when visiting Madeira, is a levada walk.
This is going to be the only way you will see and feel the real Madeira.
Monday I did the walk from Marocos to Machico, A very nice easy walk, all on the flat, and no dodgy parts if your scared of heights.
You walk through all the terraced land and see so many fruits and vegetables grown, cats, dogs, goats and sheep also along the way, as well as friendly locals. You will also see honesty stalls, with fruit and drinks along the way, and there is also a bar about 2/3rds of the way round to stop for a drink and snack.
The walk is about 12km and will take about 4hrs 30mins.
We parked the car at Marocos, and at the end of the walk by the old tunnel to Caniçal, we jumped in a taxi to take us back to the car, this was 12-14 euros.
I recommend the Walk Me Guide app, it is the best app for Madeira and a must to have if you enjoy walking. The app is free on Android and if you have an Apple device Ipad or Iphone it is $2.99.
If you would like the app on your Apple device I will be giving away free codes in April for you to have and use the app for Free, just send me an email or contact me any other way and I will send you a code to install the app.
Please take a look at my photos below (Click Photo Below), and if you have never done a levada then this is a perfect one to start with.