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Woman missing in Calheta

A 67 year old woman has been missing since Friday from the area of Loreto in Arco Calheta. The lady a Spanish National here on holidays has Alzheimer’s, so relatives are very worried for her safety.
Not a lot of details on the news website but someone (a relative ?) has posted this in the comments.
We request information on the possible location of a lady who is missing since last 6ªfeira (12/06/2015), on the site of Loreto, Arc parish of Calheta, Calheta.
The lady’s name is Laura dos Santos Garden, has 67-year-old Spanish national, has a height of 1.60 to 1.65m and about 75kg weight.
At the time of her disappearance was wearing a sports coat red, flowery blouse, blue jeans and wore sandals with cork heels.
We request greater attention because it is a lady with Alzheimer’s disease and may be in a state anxiety.
According to some testimonies, it has been last seen at the site of Cales Cales and Chada, Arc parish of Calheta.
Any information about his whereabouts, please come into contact with the squadron of PSP (Public Safety Police) from the County of Calheta (tel .: 291 822 422) or the corporation Volunteer Fire Department Calheta (tel .: 291 827 204 ).