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Security Guards Strike

Taken straight from the Diario Noticias website.
Workers of Securitas airport of Porto, Madeira and Porto Santo will strike next Saturday because, they say, the company refuses to pay overtime and public holidays from the beginning of the year.
“The company no longer paid holidays or extra hours and refuses to come to terms with the workers or the unions,” he told Lusa union delegate SITAVA Charlene Dias according to which the notice of strike has been presented .
The official explained that since the beginning of the year that Securitas unpaid extra hours and unpaid since May the holidays, always claiming to be “company policy”.
Since the strike will be made on public holidays and overtime, and given that Saturday is a holiday, the employee said that it should have a “great increase” by around 400 workers from three airports.
In the absence of these airport workers, who oversee crew, passengers and staff, “there will be no one to come to the side boarding” and can register even “canceled flights”.