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Wet and Windy

 The National Civil Protection Authority warned today for predicting rain and strong wind on Sunday, with possibility of experiencing “extreme events” related to the heavy rain and wind gusting up to 120 kilometers.
Citing the Sea Portuguese Institute and the Atmosphere (IPMA) the Civil Protection, in a statement, warned that the worsening weather takes place on Sunday and Monday and that rain will be occasionally intense, initially in the north and center and then nationwide.
The wind is blowing at a speed between 40 and 60 kilometers, but can reach 100 kms in the highlands and gusts could reach 120, warns the Civil Protection, drawing attention to the precautions when driving (floor slippery and ground water), to trees and full of falls in urban areas and flooding in vulnerable areas or underground structures.
The IPMA is also the official web site a “special information” about changing the time on election day, with a “significant increase” by the end of Monday’s day.
Rain, explains the IPMA, starts right on Sunday morning (strong in the north and center) and the wind will be moderate to strong (on the coast) and strong or very strong in the highlands of northern and central.
Copied straight from the Diario Website using Google Translate.