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Black Friday

Translated and taken from Diario Noticias.
 This being a “Black Friday” at Madeira Airport. A few minutes ago the easyJet flight from Lisbon made an attempt and failed landing. The aircraft already follows return to the Portuguese capital.
In the accounts of this windy day at the airport influence zone, and when there are still four flights scheduled to arrive in Madeira until early in the morning, already have up 19 canceled flights (arrivals and departures) and ‘only’ 16 completed operations.Of canceled flights, three easyJet flights from the United Kingdom and came to take off in the direction of Funchal. Among others, most aircraft reached approaching the runway in an attempt to land, but eventually aborted.
Of the seven aircraft today managed to land on the island, the first was at 5:46 a.m. (Air Berlin) and the last aircraft of AeroVip (18h41) to enable connection to Porto Santo.
The critical period began drawing up from 9 in the morning. From then until now, beyond AeroVip the plane only other three aircraft landed in Madeira. Screenshot_2016-02-19-20-58-57