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Cold Weather

Well today has all been about the weather today.
Its been cold with rain on and off, most places have seen hail stones, with Porto Santo being the best as the beach was covered in hail.
Lots of photos all over social media throughout the day today, some of the best below.
Some of you have put your name to the photo, if any person wants their name or website added to an image please let me know, as there has been so many going round today.
2016-02-18 09.53.23 (1) 2016-02-18 09.53.382016-02-18 09.55.23 (1)2016-02-18 09.53.33   2016-02-18 15.06.00 (1) 2016-02-18 15.06.04 2016-02-18 15.34.062016-02-18 15.06.31 2016-02-18 15.35.07  12716358_993356914065180_2083706775615577126_o12764518_993356830731855_4800451218717409837_o11053155_993356570731881_3350458123392158210_o 12525575_993356680731870_7530759752417413059_o (1)
And these two are from Porto Santo