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Bad Weather, Airport Closed

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The Island has some pretty bad weather today, it has rained almost all day with a yellow alert out for the North and Mountain regions, and they said there will be strong winds from 3pm.

The winds arrived bang on time, and the alert has been raised to orange in the mountain regions with gust over 120kmph, the bad weather is expected to last till tomorrow morning.
Although no alerts out for the South of the island, the rain has pretty much fallen all day, and its pretty windy out there, and the airport, it struggling, with no flights coming in or going out as I write this. Some flights have already been diverted and others have been cancelled.
I know there are a least 2 UK reporters on the Island who were expecting to go home today, they came for the Susan Brown story, but at the moment she is still in the psychiatric hospital in Funchal, and in no state to speak to anyone.
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