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I can’t believe this

I don’t know whether to laugh or just bang my head against a brick wall with this one…
A tourist from the cruise ship Marco Polo, 65 years old, British female so I understand, missed the cruise ship as it left Funchal yesterday evening. So this woman then gets a taxi to Santa Cruz, and as the cruise ship is passing by there she then jumps into the sea to start swimming for the ship…(I am trying not to laugh)
Fishermen spotted the woman about 500 meters from shore and went to investigate to see if they were really seeing what they thought they were, which was correct, a woman with handbag trying to swim for the ship, they rescued the woman and raised the alarm for the emergency services. She was taken to hospital suffering Fatigue and Hypothermia.

Just a small update on this story.

The lady who has been named as Susan Brown, had been in the water for nearly 4 hours when fisherman saw her and rescued her.  The Cruise Ship was on its way to Lisbon its next stop after Madeira before returning to Bristol in the UK after a 32 day round trip of the West Indies.