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Bad Weather in Madeira

The rain certainly came down and never stopped. It has rain all day, and pretty heavy at times, low cloud also in some parts causing visibility problems.
The alert for the south of the Island was raised to orange from 5pm-9pm, and as i write this at 01.15 the rain is still falling.
Rivers are pretty full, lots of flooding and landslides have already started cause some roads to be blocked or closed. Lots of the usual problems at the airport also with flights being diverted to Porto Santo, and water falling in the main Airport Building…

IMG-20160421-WA0002 IMG-20160421-WA0003 (1)


26 flights have been affected with 16 being cancelled, the other 10  flights 5 were diverted to other airports, including the last flight from Lisbon, which tried to land 3 times before giving up and returning to Lisbon.
A wall collapsed at Quinta Magnolia.
13072917_1254973207864102_4591443854693053858_o (1)
Margarida Rodrigues
These photos are from the Tunnel da Camacha

13082587_518436225024666_1601061072722035839_n 13062248_518435975024691_2973570404253425990_n (1) 13082548_518436188358003_6692488202324696520_n

                                                                                     Claudio Fernandes

Also many drain covers lifted with the sheer volume of water, and the roads are in a bit of a mess all over with more pot holes than you can imagine to try and avoid…. Power cuts this evening in Caniço de Baixo, the power has been off and on a few times, but seems to be stable now.
The good news is that from today (Friday), the weather looks like it will settle down for a while with some good dry weather.