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Ferry Update

Peter has left a comment on how the meeting went this evening on the previous blog post, I have copied it below so people don’t miss it.
When more news comes in, I will keep you all up to date.
It turned out to be a positive talk. Of course, it wasn’t just me. I was a foreign addition to an otherwise all-madeiran committee. For strategics sales I can’t say too much yet, but there were eye-openers from both sides of the table. We will have to wait and see, and meanwhile continue our fight for honest competition where maritime transport is concerned, and we will have to keep reminding the regional government to keep their promise of providing a freight plane and bringing US back the ferry that was really stopped by dishonest actions of the monopolist Sousa with help of the former government… Join the Facebook GroupCruise Ferry para a Madeira, the fast growing civic platform that calls the government to order. We need you all!

Please join the Facebook page clicking the image below as it is vital we have a ferry connection back in Madeira.
Also share the Facebook group with friends and lets get many more joining.