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New art work in Ponta do Sol

Thank you to Don Amaro for this post along with photos.
Don has many great photos of Madeira on his Flickr Profile 
Ponta do Sol is a wonderful street art mural richer. This colorful long mural is handpainted by the Madeiran artist Helena Sirgado de Sousa
Composition of the typical folkloric elements, Madeiran traditions and colors. Also you will notice that it includes also figures that represents the enthousaistic (young) Madeira island visitors, who are eagerly joining the play.
An excellent art work of Helena Sirgado. Another good reason to visit Ponta do Sol, Madeira2016-06-07 06.56.14 (1)2016-06-07 06.56.01 (1) 2016-06-07 06.55.43 2016-06-07 06.55.48 (1)   2016-06-07 06.56.472016-06-07 06.55.36 (1)2016-06-07 06.56.33 (1) 2016-06-07 06.56.39