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Quinta Vigia to cost €1 entry

The entrance in the gardens of Quinta Vigia, home of the president of the Regional Government of Madeira, will now cost one euro starting this week, after 32 years of free access. “From Monday (June 6) entry will cost a euro to maintain the garden, “said Lusa the president of the Regional Government, Miguel Albuquerque. ” the money goes into administration, the garden has space carefully, have gardeners and is a help think anyone oppose, “he added. There will, however, free tickets for groups of social institutions. a part of the space which houses the headquarters of the presidency of the Regional Government is separated from the visitor circuit, which includes a chapel. Miguel Albuquerque announced Thursday, the parliamentary debate on tourism, the Government rejects apply environmental tax and prefers to collect entries in public interest places. the Quinta Vigia dating from the seventeenth century and initially was known for Quinta das Angústias due to the chapel, dedicated to Our Lady of Anguish. A government resolution 1982 determined that their official name would be Quinta Vigia. After going through private hands in 1979 the Government acquired the space of 10,000 square meters to install there the official residence of the President of the Regional Government. In 1984 improved space works were completed, but as the then President, Alberto João Jardim, chose to live in his private residence, Quinta Vigia was recorded only for the installation of public services and acts of official representation on behalf of the autonomous region . the gardens, with large trees, endemic plants and flowers of the region, are visited monthly by 7000-9000 people.

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