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A bit of History

Thank You to Richard Turner for this little bit of History.

100 years ago 1916. Funchal Harbour.

The German U-boat, SM U-38, captained by Max Valentiner, enters Funchal harbour in Madeira and torpedoes and sinks 3 ships, CS Dacia (1,856 GRT),SS Kanguroo (2,493 GRT) and Surprise (680 GRT).
The commander of the French gunboat, Surprise, and 34 of her crew (7 Portuguese) die in the attack. The Dacia, a British cable laying vessel, which had previously undertaken war work off the coast of Casablanca and Dakar, is in the process of diverting the German South American cable into Brest, France.
Following the attack, the Germans proceed to bombard Funchal for two hours from a range of about 4 kilometres (2 nmi). Batteries on Madeira return fire and eventually force the Germans to withdraw.

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