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Easyjet emergency landing in Lisbon

An Easyjet aircraft from Edinburgh to Madeira was forced to make and emergency landing at Lisbon on Monday after a passenger claimed to have a gun in their possession.
As reported yesterday in the Daily Mail, the plane was forced to make a detour in the middle of the flight, which left the terrified passengers and caused the panic to many of the families who were on board.  According to the same newspaper, the passengers were only alerted to this occurrence after the aircraft began the descent to the Portuguese capital.
It is known that the plane left Edinburgh at 15.55 on Monday and should have arrive at Madeira Airport around 19:20. However due to this unforeseen situation the flight arrived at 21.07 in Madeira, with a delay of about two hours.

The man, who was sitting in one of the rows at the back of the plane, was arrested by Portuguese police.

Easyjet_a319_interior_in_flight_arp (1)