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British Yachtsman Rescued

The sub-center of Maritime Search and Rescue of Funchal (MRSC Funchal), in conjunction with the Captain of the Port of Funchal, coordinated during the day yesterday and the early hours of today a rescue operation of a lone yachtsman, 66 and British nationality, sailboat ‘ARABELLA’, to sail 45 nautical miles southwest of Funchal.
“The alert was received through the interception of an emergency radiotelephone communication disseminated by sailboat skipper, at about 9:55 a.m. yesterday, during which transmitted that was drifting due to damage to the sails and damage to the propulsion system, being incapacitated to sail to the nearest port, “according to the Navy.
“Given the very adverse weather conditions (swell 5 to 6 meters NE and very strong wind) and may be at risk the safety of single crewmember sailboat was committed NRP Cacine, which made the trailer of the vessel to the port of Funchal, and moored by 07:00 on August 10, with the support of a vessel of the Maritime Police. After docking was performed prehospital triage the crewmember by nurse NRP Cacine, having noticed there is no need for additional medical care “he said.
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