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Contingency Plan in Place

Copied straight from the Diario…
The President of the Government of Madeira, Miguel Albuquerque, reported today that it has fired the regional contingency plan and that there are four active fronts of fire in various parts of the island.
“Right now [around 08:00] there are four active fire fronts in Funchal, Canhas (Ponta do Sol), Ponta do Sol and campanario (Câmara de Lobos),” said Madeira ruler at the press conference to swing situation of the fires that burn from 16:00 Monday in Madeira.
The official said that the regional contingency plan was activated and that all means are “mobilized”, including the fire department, the Public Security Police, the Armed Forces, Civil Protection, the Red Cross, with the support of popular and companies.
About the situation at Funchal, Albuquerque pointed out that the most active fronts are the sites of Alegria, Sao Roque, Fundoa, Monte, lombinho, Romeiras and Viveiros, being involved in combat eight corporations.
“There are no casualties or injured to register,” he added, noting that it was necessary to remove more than 200 people from their homes, which are housed in the military area, and other 30 in various institutions.
Also for precautionary reasons were taken “more than 200 patients’ Hospital of Marmeleiros, a” process that took place normally, taking part been moved to the Central Hospital of Funchal (Dr. Nelio Mendonca) while outpatients were also to the barracks of Funchal. “
Also this morning, the chamber of Funchal activated the Municipal Emergency Plan of Funchal.
Fires also affect motor traffic, indicating the head of the Madeiran executive “is conditioned, in Funchal, on the fast track [the main route of Madeira], at the Santa Luzia node, access to Fundoa and Monte”.
Miguel Albuquerque said that the current weather conditions [gale east and temperatures around 37 (38 degrees] are “conducive to spread the fires.”
The official mentioned that there is another active fire front in the parish of Canhas, Ponta do Sol, the White Moor zone, “with some dimension” that is being combated by the corporation of Ribeira Brava
Two other situations happen in Ponta do Sol (west side of the island), the site of John Orchard, and Belfry (Câmara de Lobos) where the fire Calheta, Ribeira Brava and Câmara de Lobos, the main purpose of protecting the houses and property of people
Stressing that has been involved in recent years in attack situations “19 major fires,” Miguel Albuquerque found that the criticisms to the way it has been done for firefighting is “recurring”.
“The situation today is not an impromptu situation,” he said, adding that “at this point, firefighters Madeira are qualified, they know what they are doing, have technical competence” and people “can be sure that is It is done to fight fires with all the technical assumption and more accurately. “
The insular leader stressed that “with many fronts and wind variation is often not possible to attack on all fronts.”
The official admitted that the regional authorities “not afford” to proceed with the number of homes destroyed or affected by the fire, “because some areas have been evacuated and the investigation will be carried out during the day,” referring the balance for a new press conference scheduled for 16:00 today.
In this press conference, Miguel Albuquerque was accompanied by several members of his government.