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CR7 App

Love him or hate him, but no one can fault Cristiano  Ronaldo for his charity work.
Cristiano Ronaldo isn’t exactly known for being the shy and retiring type.
He loves a selfie, an Instagram post or just about anything in terms of publicity.
He also loves helping out victims of natural disasters – as we saw when he donated a huge sum to the people affected by the fires in his home of Madeira – and he also donates a fair bit to charity.
That’s why it comes as no shock he’s decided to create an app to help refugees – but of course, it had to have a rather Ronaldo twist to it.
All proceeds will go to Save the Children, a charity Ronaldo frequently works with.
It’s a selfie app, but not just any selfie app. You can pay to have pictures with Ronaldo, only he’s not actually there in person, but he will appear in the selfie.
Taken from UniLad
The app is available in the Itunes and Google Play store for 1.99