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Emergency plan being put into place

The president and members of the Municipal of Funchal are gathering for a meeting this morning to put a plan of emergency into place.
Over night things seem to have worsened. Thousands of passengers have be stuck in the airport over night as strong winds forced many flights to be cancelled, the winds are expected to be worse today, so this could well lead into another day of airport closure and cancelled flights.
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Fires gained strength over night. The fire in Sao Roque started spreading again and moving closer to houses, a temporary shelter that was put up for people whos homes were affected had to be evacuated and people moved further away.
The hospital Marmeleiros at Monte this morning was evacuated, more to the reason of smoke and fumes in the area. All workers from the Hospital have been called to an emergency meeting at the main Hospital Dr Nelio Mendonca in Funchal this morning.
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More than 200 people in the Military area by Nazare have been moved, the fire has devastated the slope of Fundoa and also burnt some houses.
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From 4am an operation was put in place to remove the buses Horários do Funchal from their location in Fundoa as a precaution as the fire was close to the facilities.
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