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Fire Damage

The Jornal Madeira reports 219 houses were damaged by fire in Madeira.
4 of these houses were in Calheta and the remaining 215 in Funchal.
Thank you to Richard Turner for sending me this information. 
The fires of recent days sweep through the Jardim Orquídea, on the southern edge of the Botanical Gardens, where a collection of 50,000 fully-grown orchids was destroyed on Tuesday night. The private collection dates back 110 years and had been maintained over four generations of the Pregetter family (Austrian Decent). Jardim Orquídea was considered to be one of the largest private collections in the world, with many of the specimens extinct elsewhere. Only 2000 plants are thought to recoverable and with a normal growing cycle of up to 20 years the future of the gardens remains uncertain.
You can read the “History”  on the link below, and get an idea of what has been lost.
Richard Turner has set up a Crowd Funding Page, to help get the gardens back to their former glory.
The C130 Airfoce Plane has landed back in Madeira to collect the 115 firefighters that came to help during the last few days.
Photo Jose Freitas