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Fire in Calheta / mostly back to normal

Much of the island is now back to normal, there is smoke still in the air and ash falling in places, this could go on for a few days, as has done in the past with fires.

A re-ignition of a fire in Calheta is causing concern.

90 firefighters are fighting a blaze in Calheta between Lombo do Coelho and  Maloeira.
Its reported one firefighter has been injured, with a suspected broken leg. 

A friend told me, the bombeiros of Calheta need benefits urgently (as she told me, there is an appeal for help on the Calheta Portal
Needed are things like fruit juice, energy drinks, fruits etc.

They could be delivered at Quartel dos Bombeiros near the traffic circle at Calheta, near to the  Serrão gasoline station.
If anyone is in this area and would like to help that would be great.