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Flights Diverted

This just translated and copied from Diario.
Strong winds today forced the Madeira Airport to cancel four flights and divert to six other airports, he Told Lusa source of Airports of Portugal (ANA), the situation will remain until 06:00 Monday.
The same source said  since 16:00, strong winds forced the cancellation of the airline Transavia flight, Which originated in Paris, the flight of Iberia from Madrid and two from Easyjet, coming from Lisbon. On the other hand,  also six flights were diverted to other airports, including Porto Santo, Lisbon, Frankfurt and Stuttgart.
The source of ANA said weather forecasts do not point to change until at least 06:00 on Monday
Monday Morning Update

Wind is still causing some problems with 3 flights already diverted, and some cancelled. 

The Diario also goes with the headline,  Madeira Airport becoming more nonoperational.

Update 10.45am
Flights seem to be landing now, with all flights from the UK landing successfully.