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Madeira Fire Update Thursday Evening

I was hoping to bring more better news this evening, but it seem fires are still evident in different places on the Island.
A fire was reported in Machico, not much news on this, so maybe was under control pretty quick.
A fire from Paul da Serra, has spread towards Rabacal leading to authorities to evacuate some people in the area, this may have been tourists doing the popular levada walks in the area. The fire has spread to the upper areas of Porto Moniz.
Some good news
Some good news from the World Tourism Organisation stating this afternoon that things are returning back to normal in Madeira.
Tours, boat trips and other tourist activities are all returning to normal, the airport is back to normal as to the Port of Funchal.
I have to say, I have so many comments on my last few blog posts, and today I have received 132 emails, and I am nearly finished with answering them all.
Most of you are asking if you should still come to Madeira on holiday in the next few months, and the answer is a simple BIG FAT YES…..
There is no need to cancel your holiday, and most of you wont even notice any of the problems the island has faced over the last few days. Yes you will see some burnt buildings and some scorched land and trees, but on the whole 90% of the island is how it has always been… BEAUTIFUL.
The sea temperature is about 24 degrees, and just amazing this time of year, and the island is buzzing with life and happy people.
Enjoy Madeira and all it has to offer.
If you still have any doubts then why not click the photo below and have a look at some of my photos or this beautiful island. If you use Instagram then please follow me, but if you don’t use Instagram you can still view the photos and they will be updated daily.
The suspect that is being held for starting the fire in Funchal, is again being held in custody after appearing in court.
There is a VIDEO HERE of him leaving court.
If anything comes in over the next day or two I will let you know.
This has been posted on the Tourism website.
Madeira gets back to normality... (Published on https:/…)
It’s already possible for tourists to enjoy different activities Madeira has to offer!
• It is confirmed the normality of Madeira’s tourism activity.
• There are no active fires in Funchal.
• Only one hotel unit was, unfortunately, affected.
• In less than 24 hours, all the tourists returned to the hotel units that had been evacuated (mostly as a precaution) or have been installed in new units and the situation is fully regularized.
• The units affected in Funchal and Calheta have been visited, attesting its return to normality.
• All hiking routes officially recommended are already operational, although there may be some traffic constraints in some areas due to the aftermath operations. This is another sign of the normality that is felt in Madeira’s tourism activity.
• The Botanical Garden reopens tomorrow afternoon (August 12th). In what concerns Madeira’s Cable Cars, the one in Funchal is already operational and the one in Monte will reopen tomorrow at noon.
• All other activities, whether on land or sea, as well as the tourist attractions of Funchal, are available without restrictions, taking into concern that the large majority was never affected.
• It is available a phone line for permanent and updated information (+351.211140200), which can be accessed between 9am and 7pm.