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Madeira Fires Update Thursday

Its been a restless night in Calheta, as fires moved on to Prezeres.
homes were close to the fires and residents said it was a night of hell, and took to social media asking why there weren’t more resources in the area.
The weather has improved a lot over night, with cooler temperatures, a huge drop in wind, but still the government say they cant rule out more fires in any area of the island.
The suspect for starting the fire in Sao Roque remains in custody, and another 4 people have also been identified.
yesterday a jerrycan full of petrol was found in Paul da Serra.
bidao_no_paul_da_serra (1)
The 3 active fires over night into this morning are in  São João Latrão, in the upper zone of São Gonçalo (Funchal), in Câmara de Lobos  and in Calheta.
150 homes have been destroyed in the fires making them unfit for use, and over 3000 people have been displaced including tourists.
casas_queimada_alto_da_pena_2 (1)
The president Albuquerque has said they will again look into aircraft for fighting the fires.
This has been discussed many times in the past and has divided opinions as to the true effectiveness of such an action against the orography of the island.
n_stock-photo_air-national-guard_fire-fighting_c-130_plane_00101 (1)
A beautiful image captured by Miguel Moniz of a common plant to the island, already popping up through the ashes.
The hugely popular festival in Monte, Nossa Senhora do Monte, one of the largest religious festivals on the island will be cancelled due to the situation in Madeira.
The festival normally runs for a week with the 14-15 August being the main dates for the festival.
Very sad to hear that houses that have been evacuated are being targeted for robbery, some people left their doors and windows open in the panic to leave the property.