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Madeira Fund Raising

I have learnt today that Filomena Graca the lady who owns the Animal shelter/kennels for dogs and cats above Loreto in Calheta, and who myself and friends have used in the past, has lost everything to the fires that have plagued the region over the last few days.
This is the scene of where her home once was, the kennels are just 50 yards away, and escaped the fire.
David and Gloria Pennman who have lived on the Island in Calheta for many years, enlisted the help of Gloria’s daughter Gina Machin, who is on holiday in Madeira, to put together a CROWD FUNDING PAGE  to help Graca and her family rebuild their lives and continue the excellent job of looking after all the animals.
If you can help with a donation, or even share the page on social media, that will be a great help .
Also while on the subject of fundraising Richard Griffin who set up the GO FUND ME page to raise money for those affected by the fires, has passed the 8.5 thousand mark, about 11,000 euros.
Richard has now managed to set up a bank account for further donations.
A bank account has been set up to raise more funds locally for those affected by the fires in Madeira.
Richard Griffin has already raised £7,000 using an online donation page, but says a bank account is a better way of doing it.
He says the website he was using would have taken a very small cut of the money as an administration fee whereas if any further donations are paid into a bank account the money will all go directly to those who need it.
Mr Griffin says he felt moved to help after hearing how friend’s relatives in Madeira have been evacuated from their homes and seen their properties burning. He says any money donated will be used to pay for food and water, clothes and other essential items for those who have been temporarily evacuated from their homes and those who have lost everything.
The bank account has been set up through Barclays in Guernsey:
Account name: Mr R Griffin
Sort Code: 20 35 32                                                    You can hear Richard Speak on IslandFM here
Account Number: 10351903
When making a donation please use the reference ‘Help Madeira’.
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