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New Fires

More new fires have broken out in Boa Nova Funchal, and the zone Pena which is close to homes.
You can see the zone Pena clearly on the webcam, where a huge plume of smoke can be seen.
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The pictures and videos coming in are heart breaking, and I just want to thank everyone who has sent me Photos and Videos, and kind messages, I hope I have replied to you all.
Please all stay safe and keep up with the news through my blog or on the News websites Diario and Jornal.


A blog reader has sent me this photo of downtown Funchal.
Here’s a photo for you from the port area opposite the beer house. It’s pretty dark and horrible with ash landing everywhere and getting in your eyes. Wish I was in the UK ?


Anadia Shopping centre is being evacuated in Funchal due to the heat and smoke of the fire in the area of Pena.


Yet another fire in the area of Sao Joao in Funchal, Firefighters are at the blaze which is close to gas tanks.