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New Fires

The fire in Sao Roque is now under control, but new fires have broken out nearby, and at least 10 people have had to leave their homes.
Today’s temperature in Funchal hit 37 degrees, and everywhere is so dry.
A new fire has started in the valley of Santo Antonio, and a tyre factory in this area is on fire.
This news is just coming in now.
 I will try to give some more updates as the evening goes on.
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Update 20.45

£ houses have been damaged in the Lonbo dos Aguiares area of Sao Roque.
The residents of two houses will need re-housing, and the 3rd home seems to belong to immigrants who are away from the island.

Another fire has broken out behind the cemetery of Santo Antonio. It looks like it could be a long night for many in Madeira tonight including all the emergency services.
Hope you all can stay safe.