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The news only get worse

The news is only getting worse at the moment.
The Quinta do Monte gardens are home to Quinta Jardins do Emperador, one of the ‘Quintas’ most emblematic of Madeira, because Emperor Charles of Austria lived and died in the building, after his exile in Madeira in 1921. It is so sad to see this destroyed by fire.
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A resident in the Mount area will be evacuated to the hospital of Santa Maria in Lisbon, in order to receive appropriate treatment for his burns.
The man was in his house at the time, which was consumed by fire. According to what has been possible to calculate 70% of the human body has suffered burns.
Miguel Albuquerque said that the Air Force helicopter prepares to undertake the transport of Madeira to mainland.
The fire department are asking anyone to donate small packages of food, milk, water, for people affected by the fires, they have put the message out on the Facebook Page Bombeiros Voluntários Madeirenses
They are also asking anyone in busy areas with fire and fire crews to move their cars and other vehicles out of the way while the situation is on going.
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The fires have spread and there is an active front in Campanario, Ribeira Brava. Many share photos and videos in groups of incidents and events in Madeira on facebook. These photos from local Daniela Portiista has published some pictures of a house being consumed by flames, in that parish.
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