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British artist Richard Wilson had one dream, when seeing Portugal win the European Cup in July.

He wanted to paint Cristiano Ronaldo on a wall in his home town Santo Antonio, Funchal Madeira.

This is taken from his FACEBOOK PAGE.

July 10th I think it was, watching Portugal v France in European championship. Ronaldo goes off injured and I was just thinking the irony of it, Portugal will def win now. I felt for him (no really) (NO REALLY!)
to not be playing in that game.
I can’t think of any other footballer who seems to want to win as much, who seems as dedicated. The mans an ATHLETE! I really like him ??
I said to myself I’m gonna go and paint him in Madeira where he’s from. It’s taken nearly 2 months, there’s no spray paint on the island, I thought I could get paint in Lisbon and take a ferry…oh sh&£ no ferries at all. So at this point I’m kinda determined, looking at shipping costs etc etc,and at same time a random random phone call to my real friend Jerry Lyons, the fixer…and we end up getting the council in Santo Antonio there, proposing to me they will build me a wall for this idea! They had seen the Leicester wall, and are so into it. In the end we are painting Cristiano’s portrait on a 10m tall wall on the town hall which overlooks Santo Antonio (Ronaldos home town) Everyone I’ve spoken to there are so nice, working hard to make this happen.
We had the paint shipped in from the factory in Barcelona, I can’t wait to get there, see the wall, see the ridiculous stash of paint. And get started tomorrow! And meet new friends already made.

Feeling unbelievably blessed this morning, to be able to travel somewhere I’m sure is amazing…can’t wait to see the island, paint, and take it all in…I got a one way ticket LOL

And the finished result looks amazing.

14212761_1648139952094107_2409050308903585512_n spray-paint 14225485_1648139758760793_2869556721799152187_n 14183852_1648657498709019_6561230372617845892_n