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Bad weather has arrived to Madeira, with the alert being lifted to orange alert for rainfall for the south and mountainous areas of the region. Heavy rain and wind along with poor visibility has already seen serious problems at the airport, nothing has yet landed on the island with most flights diverting to Porto Santo, or returning to the mainland of Portugal.

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Also last night a TAP flight travelling from Madeira to Lisbon had to turn round and make an emergency landing back at Madeira due a a Hydraulic system failure. The flight landed safely.

I will keep this blog post updated through the day with any updates on the bad weather affecting the region today.


The road to Curral das Freiras has been closed after a land slide due to the bad weather affecting the region, the collapse has caused no damage and only affects movement between Fajã Escura e o Pico Furão.

With the recent fires in August, and very loose ground I expect we might see a few more roads closed over the coming hours.


The Funchal Port Captaincy today issued an update to both weather warnings that had been published, including strong wind and poor visibility to the archipelago of Madeira.

Initially, the data pointed to these adverse conditions would last up to 18 hours of today, but the Captaincy has already announced that bad weather will come into force until 6 am tomorrow.

Given these weather conditions, the Captaincy recommends that owners and shipowners to take precautions so that their vessels remain in harbours.

Visibility is moderate to weak, sometimes bad and the waves can reach three meters on the north coast. But the wind may reach 62 km / h blowing in any direction.

From Diario Noticias

The ship Lobo Marinho the Porto Santo Line ferry, found itself in difficulty trying to dock at Porto Santo this morning.

I’m surprised with the weather forecast the ferry even made the journey.

A total of 8 flights so far have been diverted today, 5 flights did managed to land and 1 flight was cancelled.

Diario Noticias