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A few new changes at the airport I thought I would let you know about.

On the first floor, Departures, you have a new snack bar area, Saudade. This will be open from first check-in in the morning,  till last Check-in in the evening, giving a place to relax and enjoy a drink or last minute snack.


In Arrivals on the ground floor there is a new Exchange Kiosk, something you don’t find many of in Madeira, I guess being at the Airport you can expect the worst exchange rates possible, but its an option for people if they need it.


If you have been to the Airport in the last few day, you would have noticed the arrivals snack bar on the ground floor has closed again, this is because they are expanding it. The new restaurant will be four times larger, with more indoor and outdoor seating, they will serve hot food and have a salad bar buffet. This is due to re-open at the end of the month just in time for my arrival, so I will try to get a few photos.


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