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A friend on holiday in Madeira had 2 lovely puppies dumped near her home, she has been looking after them, keeping them warm and feeding them.

No luck in finding a new home for these puppies, and my friend leaves the Island on Saturday, she will be taking the puppies to Vet Funchal, so if you know anyone who can give one of these puppies a home please get in touch.

Eduardo Texeira who runs Vet Funchal also runs a charity spaying dogs and cats for people that cant afford this, and also of strays on the streets

 Eduardo is doing a lot of work at his own expense. He has tried to get the authorities to help him with premises but they aren’t interested. He had a dog tied to the table in his office when we spoke to him, that someone in an apartment had, then brought it in to be put down and he refused. He said “it barks too much to leave in the kennels upsetting the other dogs so I take it home in the car with me every night, until I find it a new home”.

My friend is paying for the puppies to be vaccinated and neutered, and will be with Eduardo from Saturday.

You can contact Eduardo through the Facebook Page Associação Madeira Animal Welfare which is the charity he runs.

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