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A new road has been opened in Canico, allowing you to come off the motorway and get to the old airport road above Canico centre, so not having to drive through the town itself.  The road was opened on Wednesday and will be named Rua Comendador Antonio Nobrega who was praised by the president the contribution of the entrepreneur to the development of the town, the county and the region.


A Madeiran business group bought much of the land of the ancient Matur, where was once one of the best swimming complexes on the island, now abandoned, and occupied by weeds.
The goal, is to build housing there but also a hotel, facing the cliff. Essentially, the project that the company “Habitsolution” of real estate, presented the Municpal Chamber of Machico for approval, intends to restore some of the luster and fame it had for many years in Agua de Pena


Popular tourist sites will now be paid entry, these include Cabo Girao, The trout farm in Ribeiro Frio, and the presidents place Quinta Vigia in Funchal. The sites were given free entry for a period of time. Prices will be set and will not exceed 2 euros.


A study has shown that air quality in at least 4 tunnels on Madeira has alarmingly high pollution values, as much as 8 times over the limit in some cases.  I personally hate the tunnel from Ribiera Brava to Tabua, I always find it very polluted inside.


A new project looks pretty exciting for Canico de Baixo, the area is in a very bad state, and being one of the most popular tourist areas outside Funchal it doesn’t look good.

The new project plans to put a new swimming lido area, with a few swimming pools and bathing areas, and changing facilities.

Today the CDU visited Reis Magos to look at the constant problem of sewage discharge near the swimming area the place has now and also the lift for getting small boats in and out of the water, which I don’t think has ever worked since they installed it.

How long we have to wait for any of these changes along with many other projects that keep popping up for the area…. I wont hold my breath….