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The bad weather in the region at the moment has caused numerous problems over the last 12 hours.

Madeira remains on orange alert for rain across the region, and also for wind gusts in the mountainous areas, yellow wind warnings are in place for the rest of the island.

The weather has calmed a little this afternoon, but will start to worsen as we go into the evening and tomorrow morning.

A 43 year old woman was injured this morning, the accident happened just before the Camara de Lobos junction heading towards Ribeira Brava. The lady was transported to hospital.


In the early hours of the morning after a night of rain, A landslide blocked the road in the area of Monte, the area affected was Corujeira, and emergency services were alerted at 3am. In the morning the Funchal council services cleared the road.


At the airport, there have been a few problems with flights having to circle to wait for the wind to drop to attempt landing.

The British airways flight failed to land and is in Faro. waiting to see if conditions improve, which is not looking likely.


Also with the heavy rain over night, passengers found themselves walking round containers and slippery floor signs as water filtered through the ceilings causing many puddles in the security area of the airport


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