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A yellow warning for the Island of Madeira has now just been raised to orange (as predicted) due to the worsening of weather, which is expected to hit the island from late evening today through to Saturday evening.

Strong winds and showers,  heavy at times and accompanied by thunder will be felt across the region.

Wind gust are expected to be around 100 km/h even as high as 120 km/h over the mountains, the wind will be felt more on higher grounds the south coast and Porto Santo, with the north coast escaping the worse of the wind.

Funchal Port Captaincy today has issued a severe weather warning for the islands of Madeira, until 6 pm tomorrow, recommending to the owners or operators of vessels to keep them in a safe place.

This information, which is based on the Sea Portuguese Institute and the Atmosphere (IPMA), also gives strong wind from the night and poor visibility.

The waves may reach 4-6 meters at dawn on the coast around Madeira, with a maximum of 8-10 meters possible, especially on the south coast through Friday and Saturday.


Click the image above, this site is worth bookmarking, use the slider to see what weather is coming for the next 72 hours.

I will do updates on the weather as more news comes in.

Take anything in that might get blown around, and stay safe.