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A quick post, and straight copy from the Diario Noticias.

Cristiano Ronaldo is in Madeira to celebrate the new year on the island in the company of his family, his new girlfriend and friends. Madeira’s ace recently arrived at the Pestana CR7 Hotel in Funchal, where he will spend the end of the year night in the company, among others, of his latest passion Georgina Rodriguez.

Meanwhile, on the occasion of her arrival in Funchal, the Porsche of Dolores Aveiro, Ronaldo’s mother who now 62 years old, parked in an irregular manner and did not escape the police service on the spot, finishing fined. Nothing that spoils the ‘new year’ of Ronaldo’s family.

Moreover, as reported by DIARIO, in addition to the new year, the player of Real Madrid and the Portuguese team will also enjoy their stay on the island to celebrate the 62nd anniversary of the mother.