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26 tons of rubbish was collected from the Christmas market night in Funchal, 23rd-24th December.

This rubbish is significantly less than the 32 tons of rubbish collected last year.

The Market night was very busy, and covered a wider area with a few extra roads closed, but seems people were not spending as much money this year.


A tourist sadly died this afternoon in a hotel in the Ajuda area of Funchal.

It seems the person may have felt ill and fell in the pool and drowned, CPR was given but the person didn’t survive.


Madeira will have 14 Aquaculture zones from Paul do Mar on the west, to Caniçal on the east of the island.

The regional secretary has already said there are interested parties ready to invest, and the company already investing in the area of Campanário already plans to double its production to 1,200 tons of Dourada.