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For all of you that love Madeira Wine the article below is from the Localxpress Canada

The story about Pestana buying the Regency Palace Hotel which was mentioned in the blog HERE .  Pestana group have confirmed that the hotel will reopen in May this year. Where this leaves all the people who lost money holidays and savings in this, it has not been mentioned what will happen to these people, but if i find anything out , I will put in a new blog post.

Helen kindly sent me a couple of videos from the start of the Half Marathon that took place in Funchal today. There was also a full marathon and mini marathon.

A 70 year old lady from Santo Antonio was taken to hospital yesterday after drinking a hair product instead of a syrup. The lady who was confused immediately knew her mistake and called the emergency services, she was taken to hospital and had her stomach flushed through, and no lasting damage will affect her health.  From Jornal Madeira

Porto Santo restocks wild rabbits. The rabbits became victim to a haemorrhagic disease, which wiped out 98% of the population. They now feel the island is free from this disease and restocking will take place. The club of hunting and fishing in Madeira show full support for this move.