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Some weeks before the opening of the international exhibition ISLANDS-2017 we are honored to welcome all the participants, and to invite you to visit the Art Center Caravel from 12th until 29th of January.

This is the second exposition of the works from all over the world within the project ISLANDS. The first one was held at the Art Center Caravel a year ago. Up to 40 paintings were presented from different countries – Germany, England, Ukraine, Portugal, Netherlands. We wanted to transmit a complete picture of the development of modern art in the islands, and to acquaint the public with global trends in visual arts. And we did it!

This time we have widened the audience – geographically, philosophically and physically. Brazil, Italy, Russia, Portugal, Venezuela, Germany and many others. We have more artists, from more countries, more works and much more deep spiritual meaning in it. This time at the exhibition ISLANDS-2017 we shall talk about an Island in each one of us. We live in difficult times. The world is being collapsed every day. But like a small island we have connections to each other. We are separated by space and time, but we are not isolated spiritually. That is what you will find from 12th until 29th of January at the Art Center Caravel.

We invite you to become a part of our world – endless, friendly and inspired. The beginning of the exposition «ISLANDS»: 12th of January, 2017, 19-00 The final day of the exposition: 29th of January 2017. The main part of the exposition will be presented at the exposition hall of the Art Center Caravel.