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I have noticed over this last year or so , and being back on the island from my time away in the UK, the number of stray animals is rising again, I have seen so many stray dogs around, and one in Caniço de Baixo has just had 8 puppies.

So something really need to be done about this and the government should be slapping fines, or even short prison terms on people that dump their animals. Also any owner taking their animal to a vet and its not chipped should pay double and that money helping go towards Animal associations that we have on the island.

This news has just come in and is a straight copy of text from the Diario. 

The PCP today presented to the Legislative Assembly of Madeira a draft resolution entitled ‘Implementation of Program Contracts between the Government and the Animal Protection Associations in the Autonomous Region of Madeira’. As the name refers to, the party wants more support from the government executive to associations that fight for the animal cause, so that they can continue to support the wandering animals.

In the document we can also find reference to the need for education and awareness campaigns for the animal cause and implementation of medical and sanitary prophylaxis measures as well as sterilization.

The PCP recalls that there are more and more dogs and cats on the streets, and it is the responsibility of the Government to develop proposals to support the associations that dedicate their work to animals. “The population of wandering animals in the Region is very high and despite the multiplicity of legislation in force, the abandonment and mistreatment of animals continues to be a constant among us,” the party said.