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This Swedish trail runner André Jonsson, who came fourth in the Ultra Sky Marathon Madeira last June has just released a video on You Tube today, running along Levada do Norte filming himself.

I have been trying to raise safety issues on the levadas in Madeira, then you get an idiot like this making this kind of video.

Anyone who thinks this will be a great idea, had better have good insurance lined up, and be prepared to go home to your family in a wooden box.

Levadas are NOT to run along, they have over hanging rocks where you can hit your head, slippery underfoot, no matter what footwear you have, tree roots, loose rocks, and so on.

So this is just plain crazy, and lets hope we don’t see more idiots doing this along the levadas. There are plenty of trails in Madeira, which are safer and with beautiful scenery, that’s if you would rather look at that, than where you are running.

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