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A lot of people on Lobo Mourinho were left very disappointed New Years Eve, and Porto Santo Line seem to be shrugging it off.

This letter a straight Google translate has been shared with the Diario Noticias Here.

well have informed you, even when boarding, giving them the choice To stay on board or to move to another more appropriate and better-looking area.

Porto Santo Line, in my opinion, has failed immensely because it has not kept its customers informed, and as you can imagine, at these prices, this experience is not something that can be repeated many times. Will the Regional Directorate of Tourism now remind them of their obligations, force them to acknowledge their mistake, apologize to their customers with such a completely spoiled night and repay the share of the ‘panoramic fireworks on the high seas ‘That promised and was not possible due to weather conditions, € 75.00 per ticket?

The cost of the party I understand was that our choice did not partake because the disappointment was so much, but surely they should refund the part they were unable to provide. I remember that even in the Diary was published a few days before that customers would be entitled to € 25 per ticket if the boat did not leave the dock, and now say they do not return anything? Worse still, they did not inform their clients of their intentions so they would not cancel or request reimbursement.

I contacted Porto Santo Line and the Marketing Director of Grupo Sousa (Maria João Code) responded very coldly informing us that the boat really left the area where it was moored and that it saw no reason for any refund. Fantastic!!! This in any other civilized country would be considered mockery but apparently and unfortunately on our island still seems acceptable, and then this is how we want to compete with the world. I am sad to see companies in this awkward way spoil the reputation of such a beautiful island that has so much to offer especially at this time of year. The island does not benefit in any way with these attitudes, quite the contrary, only degrades the level of quality offered.

Lucinda Pestana

I also had a friend who paid for the dinner and fireworks on board the ferry, and to was very disappointed with the view. He also complained to the company with the email below.

I would like to say how disappointed I was with the New Year’s Eve celebrations on the boat.

The boat was meant to go out to open sea and never did, the way the boat was in the Harbour you couldn’t see the complete firework display.

They are saying it’s because of the rough seas, so they should of informed us of this while boarding the boat and offered a refund or informed us that the boat was not going to the open seas

135€ per person is crazy with the experience received.

This is the response he received from Porto Santo Line.

First of all, we wish you and your family a great new year. Regarding your message, we inform you that the ship left its position where it was moored and went to a place of comfort and good visibility for its passengers. At the end of the show, she returned to the port, where she docked, continuing the party. In other years, in better weather, the ship went a little farther, but with this decision we never questioned the beauty of watching the fireworks show. Having said this, we see no reason to refund the money because the whole show was seen under the same conditions as in previous years. Best regards. Porto Santo Line

This was part of the view.