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You might remember back in November the story about the 2 abandoned puppies.

These puppies were just dumped by a village bar in Calheta, and my friend Karen was trying to find them a home while she was on holiday at her home in Madeira.

Well here is an update to the story from Karen.

Some of you will remember the two puppies that were dumped outside the village bar while we were staying at our house in Madeira.
We were turned away by SPAD in Funchal because the puppies had been picked up outside of Funchal but quickly discovered that nowhere really had any space.
Vet Funchal kindly said they would attempt to rehome the puppies if we were unable to do so before we left.
However having had them for a week we ended up deciding to try to take them to the UK.
I would like to say a big thank you to Graca and Fernandes who run Le Petz,  Hotel das Mascotes , the cattery and kennels in Loreto.
They stepped up at very short notice and took the pups for the four weeks it took to organise the necessary vaccinations.
Graca also  took the puppies to Vet Funchal for vaccinations and delivered the puppies safely to the plane for us.
Should you need to board your pets while you are away from Madeira they run a secure and caring kennels.
I would also like to say a big thank you to the staff at Vet Funchal , particularly vet Catia , who completed all the necessary vaccinations and paperwork for us.
Vet Funchal run a charity providing free neutering for the pets of madeirans who are unable to afford it and also neutering strays. If you want to support animal welfare in Madeira they do brilliant work and have  neutered over 4000 animals for free.

A lovely story and a happy end for these two lovely pups, a big well done to Karen for all she has done for them, and they arrived in the UK to their new home just before Christmas, so I am sure they enjoyed a bit of Turkey Christmas day.

Puppies enjoying the UK weather