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I would just like to thank everyone who comments on my blog, this not only helps me but other people with all the shared information.

On my last post about the Sony TV, some idiot by the name of David Hamilton posted the below comment

Seems to us that you are right.

Here is a valid comment about your Madeira Blog.

Por que não fazer você apresenta seu blog em português em lugar de o inglês.

Se, como diz você, você foi residente em Madeira desde 2005, então até agora você deve ser proficiente em português!

I have emailed this person, probably using a false name as the email address has nothing to do with the name, explaining the whole point of the blog is to bring the news in English. He has now been banned from commenting again.

I take a lot of time doing my blog, and very proud of the way it is going, and don’t need twats like this who think they are smart.