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Yesterday an English tourist in his early 70s fell 15 meters on Levada do Norte, between Camara de Lobos and Garachico.

The man seems to have been with an organised tour, and suffered a head injury.

No other news on his condition.

I have been walking Levadas each Saturday for the last 4 weeks, and this latest one from Ribeiro Frio to Portela I was surprised to see how many elderly people walk these Levadas on their own.  Saturday I met 2 men at different stages of the Levada, one was German the other English and both were walking on their own, both in their 70s and it just made me feel sad, that A they are alone, and B anything could happen, one small mistake and they could be a serious trouble that could result in their death.

I understand people might not want to do Levadas in groups of strange people, but at least try to make a friend or try to take someone with you. Also let someone know where you are going,  so they can check your back safe.