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  1. A straight translation from the Diario.

The management of Porto Santo Line decided not to increase the price of travel between Madeira and Porto Santo in 2017, maintaining the value of tickets unchanged compared to the previous year.

Sérgio Gonçalves, speaking to TSF-Madeira, said that the decision was already taken and that the owner would continue to focus on promotional campaigns, with the first being already this month, on Valentine’s Day, February 14th.

The company’s administrator, who establishes connections between Madeira and the golden island, guarantees that the group avoided the increase in travel prices due to a good commercial strategy, alienated to the inter-island mobility social allowance, which came into force in 2016 And that allows a greater affluence between Madeira and Porto Santo.

After five weeks of interruption in the connections to the usual maintenance in the port of Caniçal, in an operation that cost about 1 million euros to the company, the ship resumes the connections this Wednesday, leaving the port of Funchal by the 8 hours towards Porto Santo, where he returns to the end of the afternoon.

It is good to see  price the has not risen, to what is already a very high price for the connection between Madeira and Porto Santo.

I know residents can get a discounted rate, the same as with fights to Lisbon. Has anyone done this and is it as complicated to receive money back as it seems to be with air flights??? If so let me know of your experiences.